Melanie Stewart Dance Theatre has been creating dance and original works of dance and movement driven theatre in Philadelphia since 1984. The company is known for its devised work with American and European based theatre artists, many of which have been hybrid forays into pop culture, political satire and the human condition. The company’s innovative approach to creating new work is fueled by the artistic vision of founder Melanie Stewart who is devoted to building communities and engaging artists in creative research through the productions and programs she produces.


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Kill Me Now

“Kill Me Now” invites audience participation in a live dance competition game show modeled after such popular TV reality series as; "Dancing with the Stars", "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dance Wars". The exciting interactive atmosphere seduces the audience in a satiric journey that leads to the ultimate destruction of the contestants whose lust for fame is weighed against their will to live.

“Kill Me Now” is a fast-paced, comic, immersive experience that questions and confronts our willingness and even desire to be judged and to compete for some ultimate “prize”, while at the same time relentlessly judging and condemning others. What begins as a recognizable, if extreme, dance competition morphs into a rigorous and ruthlessly honest self-examination and stripping-away of the performer’s personas until judge confronts contestant directly and the real battle begins.

Featuring a raucous and ready for primetime dance crew, Bethany Formica, Janet Pilla, Les Rivera, Megan Mazarick, Karl Schappell,and Scott McPheeters. “Kill Me Now”” will be hosted by special invited guest performer Catherine Gillard co-artistic director of the Scottish -based visual theatre company, Benchtours. The text for Kill Me Now is written by Obie Award winner John Clancy of Clancy Productions NYC (Five time Edinburgh Festival Finge First Winner).

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Residency Activities

Presently Melanie Stewart is conducting a special residency program in pop culture and performance titled, “Bring it!” to support the research and development of her new work. It focuses on the themes of reality show dance competition. The residency can be formatted a variety of ways to suit any venue and population.

Participants are led through the roles of contestants and judges in a variety of physical theater games using irony, satire and straight-out humor to explore the nature of competition and the lust for power. The workshop offers a chance to step outside everyday roles, hone performance skills and watch the development of new work from the inside.

Melanie Stewart Dance Theatre uses dance competition as the basis of her new show, Kill Me Now. Imagined as a live interactive dance theater event, students of this workshop will be invited to participate in the performance in September.

“Bring It!” workshops have been conducted at Sacramento State University, Temple University, Rowan University, Bryn Mawr College, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and The University of the Arts.


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